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Six reasons why it’s good to be a girl, now!

I am a generation Y, twenty something woman. I grew up in the 90s and it seemed to be incredibly fashionable for women to behave like men. We wanted to work like men, drink like men, have relationships like men and dress like men. Okay, the last one may be an exaggeration but if my memory serves me right girls rocked a LOT of denim and khaki in the nineties. I lived through ladette culture and although I can see why women did it – they were the generation who were men’s equals and were “having it all” But do we REALLY want to see girls falling out of night club, bottle of JD in hand, smoking a cigarette. I personally do not.  I like to think that we are the generation, that are having it all and we are having it all in high heels, high standards, skirts and incredibly cute painted nails.

Six reasons why I think it’s great to be a girl now:


Florals, peplums, polka dots, cropped tops, pencil skirts, short suits, roaring twenties, pastels, lace and pleats.   Some of the keys trends for spring 2012. Thank goodness for variety – I LOVE being a girl!!

Painted Nails:

I absolutely adore all of the magazine articles about nails just now. Yes, I care exceedingly about how to make your nails look like pandas, penguins or paint little flowers on them. I of course will take time on a slow TV night to perfect such techniques.


If it’s good enough for Zooey, it’s good enough for me. Isn’t it great that women are fighting the gloom of the recession by knitting, crocheting and baking? Although I am not great at crafts, I cannot lie nothing fills me with joy like a haberdashery full of ribbons, cool buttons and many, many pots of glitter.


The nineties was so male dominated with indie rock (which, I of course love) but now the charts just seems to be dominated by girls, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Katie Perry, Rihanna and Lana Del Ray.


We have a choice now, we can work, we can have babies or not, we can travel, we can be single or we can be married. I like to think that we have a choice; we don’t have to hold ourselves up against feminist values or aspire to be what men want us to be. I think today we have the choice to be what we want to be and that is true feminism.


Fashion blogs, Gossip Blogs, Entertainment blogs, Craft Blogs, Women’s Issues. Never before do I think that women have had such a strong voice in society and that will never go away. It will just get louder! Thank you, internet and bloggers.