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Hulking Through the Ages…

Having been a Hussy for about approximately one week and a “writer” for about one more, I am quietly falling into the Geek Hussy writer. For many, many years I have been obsessed with all things Geek. My obsession also happens to precede the period of time when it was ok to be a geek. I was at school in the nineties, post Clueless;  Girls dyed their hair with Sun In, said Whatever one million times a day, talked loudly into their HUGE Nokia handsets, flicked their hair and wrote with pink pens with feathers attached to the top. Due to my Nirvana habit, too much eyeliner and extreme quietness I was not the most popular girl at school, I didn’t think my interests in Comics, Super Hero Movies, Buffy, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, to name but a few were ever going to help me in the never-ending popularity contest, so I kept it quiet. But I keep it quiet no more.

Today’s Topic – The Hulk.

Kudos to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on creating The Hulk in the 1960s, what better tagline can you get than: The madder Hulk gets, the Stronger Hulk gets?  Some background – Bruce Banner a self-assured, sarcastic scientist builds a gamma bomb, accidentally detonates said bomb and becomes the Hulk. The Hulk emerges when triggered by strong emotions – Hurt, Anger and Fear but mostly anger. I completely identify with the Hulk rampaging around living off his emotions. Anyway, I cannot lie and say that I learned about the Hulk from Comics when I was a very little girl.

No, my first contact with the Hulk was from the TV series, The Incredible Hulk starring Lou Ferrigno. The show had an even better tagline: You won’t like him when he is angry. They were wrong. I LOVED him when he was angry. My memories of the show are not centered at all on Bruce Banner and his struggle with becoming a monster. No, I was all about the transformation into the Hulk. I loved the big green monster roaring and rampaging around in a lab, causing optimum destruction. It was marvelous. I was so enamoured with The Hulk that I got my mum to dress me up as the Hulk when I was about 7 for the school Halloween party. My dad tore up my old jeans and school shirt and my mum lovingly dyed my skin green with food colouring. I was green for about a week but I didn’t care. I was seven and I was green, I really couldn’t get much cooler. The teachers were not so impressed.

Ever since then I have had a very keen eye on all things Hulk. And there have been two films. Ang Lee’s Hulk, acceptable fair but far too deep. And there was The Incredible Hulk directed by Louis Leterrier, which had more humour but tickled my fancy just as much as Ang Lee’s attempt, which wasn’t very much.  I think my main issue was that I could not imagine either Eric Bana or Edward Norton as Bruce Banner Or the Hulk.  It was rather disappointing that no one could match up to Lou Ferrigno.

I have been excited about The Avengers: Assemble for such a long time, not just because it is a hero ensemble but also because it is directed by the genius that is Joss Whedon. My only reservation was the Hulk, would he be right? Would it become just a boring CGI fest? I need not have worried. Mark Ruffalo was perfect as the Hulk. I could imagine him as both the Banner and the Hulk. Mark Ruffalo is handsome but not in a conventional matinee idol way which increases his believability as this character.  I would even go as far as to say that it was the perfect representation of the Hulk.  Tortured scientist: Check; Mixed Emotions: check; Funny: Check; Smashing Sh*t Up: Check, Check, Check.

The Hulk absolutely made the movie for me; the tortured scientist, the shame of his transformation into the hulk and accidental destruction of New York but most of all he was funny. I loved that the Hulk’s rage was used to hilarious effect. The scene where Hulk punches Thor was just hilarious; the entrance fee was worth it for this alone.  I have a lot of time for the Hulk as I have mentioned above – I completely identify with a monster that lives off his emotions, Whedon and Ruffalo completely nailed it! It’s a great observation that people’s anger and rage can be completely hilarious! There is nothing more ridiculous than people being inappropriately angry and the Avengers captured that fantastically in the best representation of rage ever to be invented, all be it with Gamma Rays and a huge green monster! The Hulk in the Avengers confirmed to me that some things in life are worth the wait, I am glad I waited for the perfect Hulk!