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in the case of alcohol dependence, clonidine is typically combined with benzodiazepine tranquilizers such as librium, valium or xanax.

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in this article, we review the use of clonidine and trazodone in dogs, two medications that are being used more frequently in behavior specialty practices to manage a variety of anxiety-based behavior problems.

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in a 3-month multi-clinic trial of catapres-tts clonidine transdermal therapeutic system in 101 hypertensive patients, the systemic adverse reactions were, dry mouth 25 patients and drowsiness 12 , fatigue 6 , headache 5 , lethargy and sedation 3 each , insomnia, dizziness, impotence sexual dysfunction, dry throat 2 each and constipation, nausea, change in taste and nervousness 1 each .

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clonidine catapres if you are on both blood pressure medications, do not suddenly discontinue either medicine, as the increase in blood pressure could be life threatening.

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medications used intrathecally for treatment of chronic pain are opioids morphine, hydromorphone, methadone, fentanyl and sufentanyl , muscle relaxants baclofen , alpha 1 receptor blocker clonidine and local anesthetics bupivacaine .


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