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Alabama Shakes – ‘Boys & Girls’

My record of the week (or month) is ‘Boys & Girls’ by the Alabama Shakes. If you’ve not heard of this band before then get them in your life, they’re awesome.

The Alabama quartet ooze so many musical genres on this record that I can only describe them as southern rock, blues rock, soul, garage gospel and well a whole lot of rock.  That sounds bizarre right? Trust me you’ll hear this too if you give it a listen.

I think the cool thing about this band for me was not only learning that the lead vocalist is in fact female – Brittany Howards,  but also that she has the most captivating voice I have heard since Lana Del Rey … ok that wasn’t that long ago but still I love when I come across an artist or band that gives me goosebumps more than once.

Howard reminds me of a modern day Janis Joplin with her husky soulful voice that suck you in and make you feel the raw emotions and soul then spits you back out only leaving you wanting more.  You definitely get this from my favourite track (for this week) ‘You Aint Alone’ which could easily be mistaken for an early 1960s recording in a stuffy, beat down bar in the South. I might be putting myself out there for stick but I personally think this and ‘Heartbreaker’ have Otis Reading all over it, just me? 🙂

I have too many favourites to start rambling on about (I only have 1 hour for lunch) but very briefly … ‘Hold On’ is the opening track on the album for a reason, it makes you sit up and pay attention.

‘Hang Loose’ has an early Kings of Leon feel that can be heard in the guitar riffs and I love Kings of Leon so this one’s a no brainier.

‘Rise to the Sun’, a touch of Amy Winehouse in this, which I guess reflects the 1960s feeling I got with ‘You Aint Alone’.

Ah man time’s up. (damn you work!)

The entire album rocks! You need this in your life so if you’ve got a spotify account you can listen to it here ….

If you don’t have a Spotify account and are reading this post then I have one question for you .. why the hell not?!  You can set up a free account here.  I’d give up my house before I’d give up my Spotify. True story.